NGDT Technology

NGDT  Technology
(Nano Graphene Demagnetizing Treatment) Technology


Nano Graphene Demagnetizing Treatment is an innovative process developed specifically for upgrading the performance of audio cables.


It won the Bronze Medal in the 2017 Concours Lépine International de Paris. 


The treatment uses a special combination of graphene and other demagnetizing materials,which can be added on the conductors, shieldings, molded or assembled parts, and it effectively reduces electromagnetic waves and radiation.


The demagnetizing treatment utilizes the ground-breaking graphene material, which has 10 times the conductivity of copper, 200 times the strength of steel, and the lowest resistance ofany known material.


The use of graphene reduces  EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference), stabilizes the treble, and extends the bass in the signal path.


The effect is to reduce interference, providing a purer, cleaner sound. 


The NGDT technology obtained a Taiwan New Model Patent in 2017, with other international patents pending. 


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