Copper comparison

Copper Comparison

6N(99.9999%) High Purity Copper.

Cable using OCC (Ohno Continus Casting) Copper have an obvious audible advantage over cables comparing with OFC. In fact. the only difference between the reference and transcendent is the conductor materials themselves. The key elements that determine a conductor performance are: the purity of material and the area of grain boundaries. A grain boundary is the meeting point between two grains or crystals of metal. Grain boundaries tend to scatter and to impede the flow of electrons and act as a non-linear resistance to the flow of electric current. These grain boundaries cause the same type of irritating distortion as current crossing from strand to strand. The fewer boundaries, the less the effect on an electric signal as it propagates from one end of the conductor to the other.

OCC : A very high purity (6N) oxide free copper (<8ppm) conductor with larger and linear crystal structure are introduced to cable usage.

Oxygen free copper (OFC) has hundreds of crystal-boundaries per centimeter. OCC copper crystals can be several metres long, resulting in an outstanding sound quality.

OCC are produced through a vertical vacuum continue casting technique (OCC) with a special design which can manufacture ultra-purified and very large linear crystal copper wire.