Company Profile

Jinwei Cable was established in 1995 making high performance hi-end audio cable. Our main objective has been to research and develop audio quality and obtain an extremely high definition sound reproduction, with an aesthetic cable,always having in mind the endusers standards.


Many people have asked why we make such complex cable? The reason is simply to challenge us to attain perfection. Whatever type, be it speaker , audio ,video , microphone or power cable, a subtle difference in the material and construction will produce a diverse sound result. A superior innovative cable that we produce gives us motivation to reach ever higher for that flawless clarity in sound. On the other side, a high performance, and sophisticated cable is always made by designers willing, through their ingenuity to overcome the many technical conflicts when introducing new products.


From our accumulated years of experience, we realise how important it is to produce safe and enviorment friendly goods,that is why we have the approval of the UL,CSA and ISO-9001 standards of quality and safety, along with the ROHS regulations for material standards.


Our goal is to cross the boundary, and create products that are individual, creative , and unique at competitive prices so that every music enthusiast can really appreciate that ultimate perfect audio sound.